Senior looks forwarding to worry free outing with her fallcall fall detection watch app

Working in Collaboration with AARP Innovation Labs

Introducing a Smarter Way to Age in Place

Breakthrough smart fall detection + central monitoring designed for Apple Watch

Gain the freedom to live independently.

SmartIdentifies high-impact falls and alerts monitoring service* along with your support community.* Senses low-impact falls and contacts your support community only.

SimpleOne-tap or voice command medical response activation in addition to on-demand fall detection.

SafeHighly accurate, patented fall detection technology with a goal of reducing false ambulance activations.**

Working in Collaboration with AARP Innovation Labs

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*Optional 24/7 central monitoring subscription is required.
**Extensive fall lab tests performed by FallCall Solutions show that FallCall Detect can detect up to 90%+ of high-impact falls (from a standing position) with up to 80% of low-impact falls (from a sitting position) with up to 70%+ differentiation accuracy. Results may vary secondary to movement variability.